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 Village of Pecos Milestones

Without local tax increases to our community and with a minimal amount of debt, the Former
Pecos Village Administration reached significant milestones in an effort to improve the quality
of life of its citizens and provide for a safe, healthy and prosperous community.  Fulfillment of our
commitment is evidenced by the following accomplishments. 

  • Construction of 6.5 million dollar Waste Water Treatment Facility
  • Construction of 1.2 million dollar Senior Citizen Center
  • Installation of two new 250,000 gal. drinking water tanks
  • Building of Municipal Park & and Village complex improvements
  • Construction of Fire Department Sub-station at N.W. end of Village
  • Construction  of New Village Complex Offices
  • Installation of new flooring in main Village Office Complex & retrofit of energy saving doors & windows
  • Acquisition of new office furniture for administrative offices
  • Installation of Security Cameras in Office Complex
  • Renovated and Leased previous Pecos Valley Medical Ctr. Bldg. (Located on NM Highway 63) with  new heating system and energy efficient windows
  • Leased  Old Pecos Valley Medical Center building for medical facility and  as a revenue generating source
  • Acquisition of Roadways to provide fast, efficient and safe thoroughfare within Village
  • Resurfacing of State Rd. 63 & Sidewalks throughout Village limits
  • Resurfacing of Ponderosa Lane
  • Infrastructure/Paving Camino Lomita & installation of new 6” water line throughout the length of the road
  • Acquisition of New Fire Unit & Rescue Units to include a Class A Pumper
  • Acquisition of New 2000 Gallon  Water Tanker apparatus  for Fire Department
  • Acquisition of sewer blockage detection camera and photographic equipment
  • Acquisition of Heavy Equipment (New Backhoe & Dump Truck, Skid Loader, Pickup Truck, Passenger Vehicle)
  • Acquisition of snow removal equipment
  • Acquisition of trailers for hauling equipment
  • Acquisition of welding, metal cutting equipment
  • Acquisition of Recreation Equipment for Pecos High School
  • Completion of Rural Addressing for Emergency Dispatch
  • Execution of Joint Agreement with Santa Fe/San Miguel County/Pecos Ambulance to provide Emergency Dispatch Services
  • Execution of Memorandum of Understanding with San Miguel County to properly define areas of coverage responsibilities for Fire Dept.
  • Execution of Contract with San Miguel County to address Animal Control Issues
  • Developed detailed mapping of sewer & water infrastructures for quicker more efficient response to emergency repairs
  • Installed  sewer infrastructure project for Pecos Valley Medical Center new hospital
  • Purchased state-of-the-art, efficient sewer unclogging, pipe cleaning equipment (Water Jetter) to address sewer blockages
  • Completion of Prior Year Audits in arrears. Now current on all financial audits
  • Replacement & installation of computer technology & software
  • Developed, adopted  and Implemented a  Code of Ethics
  • Developed, adopted and implemented a Health & Safety Program
  • Developed, adopted and implemented Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan
  • Developed, adopted and implemented  Asset Management Plan
  • Completed and adopted Village Business Continuity/Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Plan
  • Developed and implemented old landfill Closure Mitigation Plan
  • Developed a Village Web Site as a source of information for emergency occurrences and general information
  • Provided Local telephone service to the Santa Fe area from previous Long Distance service, thus saving the community from paying for Long Distance service
  • Established protocols and opened, direct lines of communication between the Village and higher echelons of law enforcement to address citizen complaints and to ensure a safer more peaceful community and provide for the apprehension of the criminal element, and address the pervasive illegal drug culture in the community
  • Opened a Motor Vehicle Field Office (now open 5 days a week) for the convenience and cost savings of our community
  • Adopted numerous Village Ordinances and Resolutions  that positively impact and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the community
  • Facilitated Pecos School District Driveway Project in coordination with the District Superintendent, Engineers, Architects and Planners
  • Completion  of installation and change  to water metering system for residential and commercial water users
  • Effluent re-use system to provide water for irrigation and industrial uses to help preserve our drinking water
  • Executed emergency repair of water and waste water on-call contracts to address emergency issues promptly and efficiently.
  • Executed maintenance and repair service agreements to ensure continuous safe and efficient operation of village complex facilities with minimum interruption of services
  • Established excellent working relationship with Department of Transportation to acquire road repair materials and address maintenance and repair of village and state roads, and maintain appropriate speed limits to ensure the safety of our citizens.
  • Development of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan at Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Development of Sludge Management Plan for Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Development of Lagoon Closure Plan to deactivate old sewer processing system
  • Expansion of Camino Lomita road to North West side of Village to accommodate future housing development

  • Continuing engineering and legal right-away easement work for Rincon Road Sewer Project
  • Construction of water and  sewer lines to service Rincon Road residents to become compliant with EPA and NM environment standards, and prevent source water contamination
  • Development of Long-term Comprehensive Plan and adopt Planning & Zoning Ordinances
  • Development of Economic Plan to bring jobs and businesses and promote economic opportunity in the community.
  • Development of Policies & Procedures Manual
  • Updating of Employee Personnel Manual and Employee Job Descriptions
  • Drilling of new water well
  • Upgrading and replacing obsolete, damaged asbestos drinking water distribution lines
  • Development of water meter rate structure plan for more equitable payment of water use while helping to conserve water
  • Continuing to pave and repair Village owned roadways
  • Installation of a new fire Main Station on East Pecos
  • Disabling old sewer system and waste water processing lagoons in accordance with closure plan and in compliance with environment mandates
  • Planning and designing construction of steel metal building to house and safely secure village equipment and materials
  • Securing old Landfill area with security fence and installing methane gas monitoring system.
  • Facilitating funding and collaboratively working with East Pecos Domestic Water Users Association  for connection of East Pecos to community waste water system and waste water treatment plant
  • Collaborating with State Fire Marshall’s Office and other agencies to improve  ISO fire rating for the Village by enhancing  Fire Department’s resources and firefighting capabilities. 
​These achievements are consistent with the Village’s pursuit of full accountability and transparency to the taxpayers and of the preservation of its local history, culture and traditions.   We wish to acknowledge the Board of Trustees, staff, funding agencies, and those whose support and encouragement have made these accomplishments possible. We look forward in continuing to serve our community and to make Pecos a better place to live.