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Application for Water/Sewer Hookup - To apply for Residential/Commercial Water and/or Sewer hookups within Village Limits ONLY.   Use the following application.  This application must be turned into our Village offices no later than 10 days PRIOR to the the next Board Meeting, in order to be put on the agenda for approval.  We will also need a copy of your Property Deed.  The Easement form must be notarized.  You do not need to be present at the Board meeting in order to be approved, but you are more than welcome to be.  The Village of Trustees hold their meetings the second Wednesday of each month, unless it falls on a Holiday.  At this time, the Village of Pecos is NOT offering hookups outside of the Village limits.

Request Form for Village Ordinances/Minutes/Resolutions, Etc.
We are in receipt of your request.  We will respond to your request within the next 3-7 Business Days along with any copies and invoicing.
By law, under the Inspection of Public Records Act, every person has the right to inspect public records of the Village of Pecos. Compliance with requests to inspect public records is an integral part of the routine duties of the officers and employees of the Village of Pecos.
Requests to inspect public records should be submitted to the records custodian, located at 92 South Main or PO Drawer 337, Pecos, NM, 87552, telephone number 505-757-6591, fax number 505-757-2833 and email address
A person desiring to inspect public records may submit a request to the records custodian orally or in writing. However, the procedures and penalties prescribed by the Act apply only to written requests. A written request must contain the name, address and telephone number of the person making the request. Written requests may be submitted in person or sent via US mail, email or facsimile. The request must describe the records sought in sufficient detail to enable the records custodian to identify and locate the requested records.
The records custodian must permit inspection immediately or as soon as practicable, but no later than 15 calendar days after the records custodian receives the inspection request. If inspection is not permitted within three business days, the person making the request will receive a written response explaining when the records will be available for inspection or when the public body will respond to the request. If any of the records sought are not available for public inspection, the person making the request is entitled to a written response from the records custodian explaining the reasons inspection has been denied. The written denial shall be delivered or mailed within 15 calendar days after the records custodian receives the request for inspection.
If a person requesting inspection would like a copy of a public record, a reasonable fee may be charged. The fee for printed documents is $1.00 per page. Actual costs will be charged for mailing printed copies of documents, computer disks or storage devices. The records custodian may request that applicable fees for copies of public records be paid in advance. A receipt indicating that the fees have been paid will be provided upon request to the person requesting the copies.
Building Permits -    If you are building within the Village Limits, there is NO Planning and Zoning.  However, the State of NM still requires us to approve all building plans.  You will need to come into our office to have those plans approved by the Mayor and you will need to obtain a Building Permit from the Village of Pecos, per Ordinance 1986- -46.  Once you receive your State of NM Building Permit, you will also need to return a copy to the Village of Pecos for our files.

Mobile Home Permits - If you transport a Mobile Home through the Village of Pecos Village Limits, per Ordinance 1986- -46, you will need to obtain a Mobile Home Permit through our office.  The Cost is $20 and you will need verification that you have obtained your Permit through the State of NM Manufactured Housing Department.  That permit will need to be presented to our Water and Sewer Personnel BEFORE any Water and Sewer Hookups are connected.  For more information, contact our offices at (505) 757-6591 or contact the Manufactured Housing Division in Santa Fe at (505) 222-9870.
Vendor's Permits - If you are holding bake sales, fundraisers, yard or garage sales, or selling of any kind within the Village of Pecos limits, you will need to obtain a permit from our office.  If you are selling Foods you will also need to obtain a Food Permit from the NM Environment Department before applying with our office.  Village of Pecos Permit Fee is $5.00 per day.  See the link below for the NM Environment Department on their requirements. 
Business Permits - If you do business within the Village of Pecos Limits.  You will need to obtain a Business Permit from our office every year.  The Fee is $35 per year and the license is good from July through June of the following year.  There is a $10/year late filing fee for late renewal of a Business Permit.  We will also need your NM State CRS (Gross Receipts) Tax Identification Number on all Business Applications.  

Water & Sewer Service Registration Form - 
There is a $100 deposit fee for Residential Customers and $125 deposit fee for Business Customers.  This fee must be paid by Cash, Check or Money Order.

Renters Water & Sewer Service Termination Form